2-3 Days NuPrime DAC-10 Digital to Analogue Converter/Pre-amplifier

The NuPrime DAC-10 combines leading-edge technology that offers PCM 384K & DSD256 decoding with a high-power balanced headphone amplifier. To excel beyond high performance DACs cluttering the marketplace, NuPrime recognizes that merely supporting standard sampling rates and hi-res music formats using state-of-the-art chips or proprietary digital signal processing is not sufficient. To satisfy the most discerning audiophiles, the NuPrime DAC-10 must do three things exceptionally well:

1) drive any headphones with ease;

2) deliver the utmost detail during a symphony's quietest passages or a soundtrack's heart-pounding explosion;

3) all of this in the most natural sound. Simply put, the DAC-10 is a truly musical device.

A Reference LE Class Preamp

To meet the requirement of customers who want to eliminate extra components in their system, a high-end preamp capable of driving the power amplifier directly is an essential part of the design. The DAC-10 includes features borrowed from the Reference class P-20 preamp:

  • Advanced, thin-film switched-resistor ladder network for controlling volume, i.e., a single resistor in the signal path at any volume setting.
  • Individually adjustable volume on each input for precise source level matching.
  • Volume adjustment in 99 precise, 0.5dB increments.

The Heart

As the heart of an audio system, the DAC-10 supports an extensive number of inputs and formats. Utilizing the world's best performing 32-bit audio DAC is only a first step for designing the ultimate DAC. When state-of-the-art solutions are readily available to all vendors, the experience and proprietary know-how in designing many Editor's Choice and Product of The Year award-winning products elevate the NuPrime DAC-10 above the competition.

Several notable features:

  • Five digital and two stereo inputs for system flexibility.
  • SABRE32 Reference ES9018K2M from ESS Technology is one of the world's best-performing 32-bit audio DAC solution for high-end consumer applications and professional studio equipment. With ESS's 32-bit Hyperstreamâ„¢ DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the SABRE32 Reference DAC delivers an unprecedented dynamic range of up to 127dB and THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise) of -120dB, all of which put the DAC-10H at the industry's cutting edge.
  • Symmetrical signal processing with exact signal transmission over the entire frequency spectrum and extremely low harmonic distortion, ensuring an unadulterated musical presentation.
  • Asynchronous transfer mode.
  • Ultra-low-noise JFETs in the input stage for the lowest possible noise level.
  • Supports DSD native playback by ASIO2.1 (up to 11.2MHz) and DoP (up to 5.6MHz) method.
  • Sample Rate Display - 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz and DSD64 to DSD256.
  • Unique dual gain settings for RCA with 2V or 4V outputs, XLR with 4V or 8V outputs; and each of the balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs with four different high power output settings.
  • Exclusive driver software for Windows. Standard driver software for Mac.

Other Features

  • Linear power supply with multi-rail toroidal transformer.
  • Independent left/right channel power supplies.
  • 12V trigger output
  • Full microprocessor control with memory retention
  • Included remote control for full convenience.
  • Available in stylish black or silver anodized aluminum finish

The NuPrime Sound

Just one listen confirms the DAC-10H as a true hallmark of audio performance:

  • Vast soundstage
  • Lightning-fast, wide-range dynamics
  • Ultra-low distortion and noise
  • Music emerges from a pristine background, with delicate details and nuances intact.


Inputs:    1 x USB Digital
2 x Coaxial Digital S/PDIF
2 x Optical Digital S/PDIF
2 x Analog Stereo RCA
Outputs:Optical (up to 24 bit/192 kHz)
Stereo RCA (Line out). Output impedance < 100 Ohms.
Stereo Balanced (XLR-3 socket pre-out ). Output impedance < 100 Ohms.
USB Sampling Rates:44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz and DSD 2.8MHz (DSD64) , 5.6MHz (DSD128) 11.2MHz (DSD256)
S/PDIF Sampling Rates:44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96, 176.4KHz, 192KHz
Maximum Sampling Rate:24bits
Bit Resolution:16-24-bits
Frequency Response:10Hz to 80kHz
Crosstalk attenuation:min. 93 dB @ 1 kHz
THD+N:< 0.0003%
Dynamic range:> 115 dB @ 600 ohm load (A-weighted)
Dimensions:59mm Width: 215.4mm Depth: 382.6mm
Weight:10.5 pounds ( 4.8 kg )
Worldwide AC voltage:(90VAC~130VAC // 210VAC~ 250VAC) With Voltage Select Switch
AC Fuse:Slow-blow, T2.5A, 250VAC
Power Consumption:With 110V outlet, the standby power consumption is below 1.17W.
With 230V outlet, the standby power consumption is below 2W.
With 110V outlet, the idle power consumption is below 13W.
With 230V outlet, the idle power consumption is below 14W.

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NuPrime DAC-10 Digital to Analogue Converter/Pre-amplifier

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