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Our brand new website

We have launched a new website that features wonderful new functionality to make your shopping a lot more pleasurable. We would like you to browse around and see how the website works. For us it is very important that our clients find what they are looking for very easily hence we have designed the new website for ease of access.


On the new Home Page


Here are a few points we would like to show you. At the top you will find the menu items, first is "Home" then the "Latest News" where we post featured and interesting news that would be of interest to our clients. Then we have "Categories" you can access most of our categories with minimal effort. Next you will find "Contact Us”, a simple web page where you can send us a message. Finally we have the "Manufacturers" web page, where one can search for products by manufacturer. There are also information pages, where we explain how we deliver products, our Terms & Conditions, etc.

Category Listing


When you hover your mouse over the "Categories" section in the menu bar, a drop down will open bringing you an overview of our categories making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Next we have the Main Categories displayed as big icons, we know it is easier to find what you are searching for when you can view the categories as images.

Featured Products


We also have featured products from a few categories, from time to time we will select different categories to freshen up the home page.

Search by Manufacturer


The manufacturers section gives you the option to search products by manufacturer.

Autocomplete Search


When searching for products on the website the search query will automatically auto complete as you type.

Accordion Menu & More


After you have selected your category you will see the accordion menu on the left side. On the right side you will see options related to the products to help refine your search. The centre displays available products.

Mobile Version


There is a high quality mobile interface that features ease of browsing and a great presentation of the website.


Over the course of time we will add more products to the website. If you have any questions about the website please send us a message on the contact us page.


We look forward hearing from you!


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